Best yoga mats for all yoga lovers

All the fitness freaks who depend on the traditional ways of staying fit know the importance of yoga very well. Yoga is all about your posture, rather yoga asanas to be more precise. If you want to attain maximum benefit from yoga, you must ensure that your posture is right. To get the right posture and to ensure that your back is straight while you are doing yoga asanas lying down on your back, a yoga mat is very helpful.If you are confused about whether you need a yoga mat or which mat you should buy, we have a solution for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should own one, types of yoga mats and the best ones you should pick:-

Why yoga mat is good for you?

  • A yoga mat gives you your personal yoga space. If you are practising yoga in a public park, defining your space with the help of a mat prevents public intrusion in that area and you can do yoga without any disturbances.
  • It is made up of an anti-skid material. Thus, it will prevent you from slipping due to sweat leading to minor injuries while performing the yoga asanas
  • A yoga mat will always be your friend on a rainy morning. If it had rained all night and your lawn grass is wet, performing yoga on special yoga mats will let you continue your yoga without getting wet.

Types of yoga mats

  • Sticky yoga mats

These are anti-skid yoga mats that are good for beginners who do not have too much control over their body while performing yoga asanas. They are even good for those who sweat a lot so that they do not slip.

  • Travel yoga mats

These are light in weight and easy in folding so that you can carry them with you wherever you travel. However, they are not good to be used daily.

  • Natural rubber yoga mats

For those who want to reduce their contribution towards environmental pollution, these yoga mats are perfect. Since they are made of natural ingredients, these mats are safe for people who have sensitive skin.

  • Jute yoga mat

The traditional yoga mats used to be made of jute because of the natural primary component. They are not so durable but will be a good choice if you are looking for a cost-effective option

  • Cotton yoga mat

These are made of thick cotton fabric and good for those who like to wash their belongings every now and then. It is also a cost-effective option to consider.

Post time: Oct-24-2018

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