Seven benefits of baby crawling pads

Many mothers to buy baby crawl pad is the main reason for fear of afraid dirty on the ground, afraid baby when crawling on the ground catch a cold, afraid to wait, but in addition the baby crawl using pad has seven big benefit, and growth is essential to the health of the baby before, the influence of the following is the baby use crawling mat seven benefits, all mothers can understand it.


1. Improve baby’s flexibility


Crawling is a kind of comprehensive physical activity, while the baby can crawl, let the baby crawl more, help to develop vision and hearing, spatial sense of posture, balance, promote body coordination, but also can promote the growth and development of bones and muscles.


2. Boost your body


Crawling is the baby’s first coordinated movement of the whole body, it can exercise the strength of the chest, back, abdomen and limbs muscles; Crawling consumes a lot of energy, helping babies eat more, sleep better, and gain weight and height rapidly.


3. Promote parent-child communication


Crawling can improve the communication between mother and child, after the baby climbed up, under the guidance of parents, the successful experience is increasing, and can make the baby in the crawling to obtain a variety of rich experience, such as excitement, success, failure, etc., can be said to be the most critical one, these experiences can enrich the baby’s feelings.


Studies show that babies who crawl a lot are more excited when they see their parents than babies who don’t crawl.


4. Boosts brain development


Baby crawling helps brain development because crawling requires cooperation between the brain and the cerebellum. In the crawling stage, crawling can enrich the neural relationship between the brain’s larger and cerebellum, effectively promoting the development of the baby’s brain. There is a lot of research and practice involved in crawling. Every crawl activates and activates your brain. So learning to crawl is actually an intensive exercise in brain and nervous system function.


5. Promote language development


Baby language exchange frequency, depending on the frequency of the body language, can let the baby to continue with his body to explore the world around you, there are many unknown outcome of action, so the frequency of the parents’ language obviously babies more often than not crawl, at his parents’ constant language tips, body language, rationality is quicker than the baby can’t crawl.


6. Good character development


Crawling brings a lot of unexpected fun to the baby. “Crawling and rolling” is also the baby’s will and courage, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s personality. Some babies are very timid in the process of crawling, afraid to leave the sight of their parents, and some babies are very bold, he can let his interest climb to a place he wants to explore with or without parents.


7. The desire to explore


Baby’s movement, nerve and other systems can be fully exercised in crawling, which is not only conducive to the development of the baby’s bones, muscles, nerves and brain, but also for them to better understand the world earlier to lay a good physical and psychological foundation. Your baby’s learning experiences are translated into curiosity, which can be used for exploration and can develop the ability and confidence to solve problems independently in the future.


In the process of baby learning to crawl, therefore, we must give baby to crawl more opportunities, it is very important to have a good crawling mat, so the baby would not have to inherit the heart, cold, and knocked at the door, let the baby climb above every day, so that we can better promote the development of the baby’s body and mind, enables the baby to a more healthy development.

Post time: Mar-24-2021

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