What details should mother and baby pay attention to when using baby crawling pad?

Now more and more mothers will buy a crawling mat for the baby. When the baby is very small, the crawling mat can help the baby crawl. As the baby grows up slowly, the crawling mat can also become his very fun partner.


At the same time baby crawling pad can also enhance parent-child communication. Crawling can improve the communication between mother and child, after the baby will climb, the successful experience under the guidance of parents is increasing, and can make the baby in the crawl to get excited, success, failure and other rich experience, these experience can enrich the baby’s emotions.


Now there are more and more treasure mothers to buy baby crawling pad. Whether mother or baby should pay attention to what details when using crawling pad?

1. First use: It should be cleaned before the first use and dried in a ventilated place for a long time before it can be used.

2. Keep flat: if the fold is produced because the product packaging is willing, it needs to be laid flat for a few days first, and the fold can be improved.

3. Remove foreign bodies: Before laying the crawling mat, clean the ground in advance, do not have other foreign bodies, so as not to be accidentally swallowed by the baby. Especially not fragile and sharp objects. Do not have tables and chairs and other furniture around the corner, in case of bruising.

4. Timely cleaning: Clean regularly. If the baby urinates on it, clean it immediately. Wet with a cotton cloth, scrub gently, and dry in the sun. Do not scrub with a brush, alcohol or banana water. Buy 2 crawling MATS if necessary and rotate them around.

5. Storage problem: disinfection measures should be taken before storage. Stored crawl pads must be sterilized before they can be used again.

4. Keep away from fire: This product is mostly flammable, should keep away from fire, so as to avoid fire.

5. Sterilization and disinfection: if not used, it should be disinfected before putting it away.

6. Loose Clothing: When your baby moves on the crawling mat, wear loose clothing so he can move more freely.

7. Location selection: do not crawl on the bed, in case of falling injury. When the crawling pad is placed on the ground, it should also be noted that the ground can not be too cold, otherwise it will hurt the baby’s body.

8. Others: do not scribble on the crawling mat with oily ink pen, do not scratch the crawling mat with sharp objects, and do not let the baby tear and bite the crawling mat.

Post time: Mar-04-2021

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