• Is it necessary to buy children’s crawling mat?

    Baby’s natural disposition is active, not obediently stay aside, especially baby crawling, but also “streets”, surrounds the climb, curious about everything around, but the baby in the reptile when there is a problem, baby to climb on the floor, skin friction directly with the f...
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  • Seven benefits of baby crawling pads

    Many mothers to buy baby crawl pad is the main reason for fear of afraid dirty on the ground, afraid baby when crawling on the ground catch a cold, afraid to wait, but in addition the baby crawl using pad has seven big benefit, and growth is essential to the health of the baby before, the influen...
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  • What details should mother and baby pay attention to when using baby crawling pad?

    Now more and more mothers will buy a crawling mat for the baby. When the baby is very small, the crawling mat can help the baby crawl. As the baby grows up slowly, the crawling mat can also become his very fun partner.   At the same time baby crawling pad can also enhance parent-child commun...
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  • What seven aspects should be paid attention to when using a climbing mat?

    First, just bought the climbing pad do not use immediately, first of all should be cleaned with water, and then put in the sun after drying.     Second, it is best to put the climbing pad on the flat ground and do not have fragile, sharp debris around, so as not to hurt the baby.  ...
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  • Yoga mat washing often is healthier

    Yoga is a fashionable fitness exercise, but yoga mat cleaning, has become a corner of yoga lovers easy to forget. To ensure hygiene, it’s best to clean your yoga mat every other week, Yang Hongyun, director of the dermatology department at the People’s Hospital, warned.   Wash yo...
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  • How to choose and buy climbing mat

    Climbing mat, as the name implies, is the cushion that the baby uses when crawling. Of course, baby crawlers also have many nicknames, such as; Children’s mat, baby climbing mat, baby playing mat, baby activity mat and so on, in fact, refers to the baby climbing mat. In today’s societ...
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  • Children’s crawling mat to buy more thick good

    How thick is the child crawling mat bought? Buy a child’s crawling mat, can cultivate the child’s fun, not only help the child’s balance development, but also can develop the child’s beneficial intelligence. Now a lot of crawling mat above not only have vivid animal patter...
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  • A few tips of choose and buy crawling mat

    The baby crawling mat should be a problem that many parents will pay attention to, because the crawling mat plays an important role in the growth of the baby, so it is highly valued by parents. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to buy a baby crawling mat. How about the mat? Moms insist ...
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  • The difference between PVC and TPE yoga MATS

    There are various types of yoga MATS, including TPE, PVC, EVA and natural rubber yoga MATS. General environmental protection type of yoga mat is made of natural latex, natural rubber and other materials, with soft and elastic characteristics. Here, Hengfeng furniture introduces the difference bet...
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  • The climbing mat knew it

    Good climbing mat quality, colorful, should meet the international toy safety standards. Different from the traditional EVA pad, the most high-quality climbing pad adopts the inside printing technology. The ink is located in the film, which is truly environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you ...
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  • Can crawling mat and yoga mat be interchangeable

    A lot of families are had crawling mat and yoga mat, crawling mat is baby practice crawling, yoga mat is mother plasticity, reduce weight, some people will crawl mat and yoga mat mix, is this correct? Can crawling mat and yoga mat be interchangeable? Crawling mat and yoga mat still have distincti...
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  • How to buy a yoga mat?

    To know how to buy a yoga mat, first know the material of the yoga mat: NO.1 NBR NBR is the abbreviation of nitrile rubber, is an industrial synthetic rubber material, also belongs to a kind of rubber, nitrile rubber is mainly produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization, excellent oil res...
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  • Buy climbing mat to basically know what knowledge?

    Buy climbing mat is for children to buy, when buying, we should pay attention to some of the following is from the health point of view of children, climbing mat manufacturers to share with you to buy climbing mat mainly know what knowledge, in order to buy more beneficial to their own climbing m...
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  • s crawling mat a good one – sided or a good two – sided?

    At present, the crawling mat have single and double, I believe that many mothers at the time of purchase the crawling mat will surely ask crawling mat is single side or double side good this problem, so the morning city today to write this article, introduce the advantages and disadvantages of cr...
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  • How to judge the anti-skid performance of a yoga mat

    How to judge the anti-skid performance of a yoga mat

    A good yoga mat has a very complex raised pattern on the surface to help prevent slip. If you can try it, do the downward dog pose, the most common pose in yoga. If you can hold the breath for four or five times without sliding your hands or feet forward or backward, the mat is very anti-skid. Le...
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  • What should be noted about the use of children’s climbing MATS

    Crawling is very beneficial for the growth and development of babies. During the crawling process, children can exercise the baby’s physical coordination ability and promote the baby’s cerebellum balance. The soft skin of a baby requires materials, hygiene, details and other aspects o...
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  • Benefits of Yoga

    Benefits of Yoga

    1, decompression and mental health, release the body and mind, the whole body shu Du Chang, calm mind, calm thinking, to achieve the purpose of mind zhi nutrition.   2. Increase blood circulation of DAO, repair damaged tissues, and make body tissues get adequate nutrition.   3, students...
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  • Precautions for using children’s climbing MATS

    It is more beneficial for infants to practice crawling and strengthening movement. The child was born on a cushion. Unlike in the past, most patchwork floor MATS foam and build up, and environmentally friendly climbing MATS continue to emerge as important items for infants to play with and play w...
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  • The best method of cleaning and maintaining climbing mat is introduced

    About the mat cleaning is not you think so simple, want to climb mat life longer, climb mat cleaning and maintenance of the best method we should learn, the following by climb mat manufacturers and everyone to introduce, everyone please seriously study: The climbing mat that just bought, do not u...
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  • Yoga mat selection and maintenance methods

    Yoga mat selection and maintenance methods

    Yoga mat can reduce the body due to contact with the ground and the pain, prevent all kinds of injuries, but also can effectively block the cold ground, play the role of anti-skid, yoga is one of the spare parts. The following points should be paid attention to when choosing and maintaining yoga ...
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  • How to choose the right yoga mat?

    ,a yoga teacher who teaches more than 5,000 hours in the United States, suggests five key questions to consider before buying a yoga mat: 1. Does a yoga mat flatten easily when it is flat on the floor?   2. Will you slip easily after sweating?   3. Has the manufacturer marked the “...
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  • Describe the characteristics and purchasing guide of children’s climbing mat

    Many children’s climbing MATS have vivid patterns, such as animal types, number types, letter patterns, fruit patterns, etc., which play an important role in understanding babies and developing intelligence. Now the weather is suitable for going out, spring flowers, more people go out to pl...
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  • Kids have three benefits of playing puzzles

    Children love to play by nature, and through various games or toys can also develop children’s intelligence, personality,  for children to appropriate beneficial toy is cannot little, in toys, can educational type are many, the puzzle is one of them, and the children to play with puzzles al...
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  • Best yoga mats for all yoga lovers

    Best yoga mats for all yoga lovers

    All the fitness freaks who depend on the traditional ways of staying fit know the importance of yoga very well. Yoga is all about your posture, rather yoga asanas to be more precise. If you want to attain maximum benefit from yoga, you must ensure that your posture is right. To get the right post...
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