What seven aspects should be paid attention to when using a climbing mat?

First, just bought the climbing pad do not use immediately, first of all should be cleaned with water, and then put in the sun after drying.



Second, it is best to put the climbing pad on the flat ground and do not have fragile, sharp debris around, so as not to hurt the baby.



Third, the table and chair next to try not to put the climbing pad, to avoid the baby playing time knock to the table corner, so as not to accidentally hurt the head.



Fourth, in order to avoid the baby swallowing when crawling, do not place too many small objects on the climbing mat, causing unnecessary damage.



Fifth, after climbing pad is used for a period of time, want to carry on cleaning, the soft cloth that can be used when cleaning is stained with soapy water or detergent is swabbed.



Sixth, in the process of using the climbing pad, try not to let the baby write on the surface of the climbing pad with an oily pen, not to let the baby lick the climbing pad with his tongue, etc.



Seventh, the climbing pad is not used to clean and then put away, in order to prepare for the next use, before use must be heavy on the climbing pad re-clean and disinfect.

Post time: Feb-19-2021

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