Is it necessary to buy children’s crawling mat?

Baby’s natural disposition is active, not obediently stay aside, especially baby crawling, but also “streets”, surrounds the climb, curious about everything around, but the baby in the reptile when there is a problem, baby to climb on the floor, skin friction directly with the floor is easy to damage, if accidentally slip, upon the touching is often the case, therefore, Many mothers will want to say to the baby to buy a crawling mat, children crawling mat is necessary to buy? Let’s get to know it!


First, the baby crawling and playing on the bed, easy to fall down, causing unsafe factors, crawling pad height is only 2 or 4CM, playing on it, there will be no danger of falling, there is an absolute guarantee of safety. When the baby is practicing turning over and crawling, the head will often knock to the ground; When practicing standing up, I often fall down; When you move on a crawling mat, you no longer need to worry about that.


Second, the baby uses the crawling pad to crawl, which is equivalent to a whole body coordinated movement, which can exercise the baby’s chest muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and the strength of the limbs muscles; And crawling consumes more energy, which helps the baby to eat more, sleep better, gain weight and grow faster.


Third, in the process of crawling can enhance the communication between parents and their baby. After the baby will climb, under the guidance of parents, the successful experience is increasing, and can get excitement, success, failure and other experiences in the crawl, these experiences can enrich the baby’s emotions.

Post time: Apr-15-2021

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