Buy climbing mat to basically know what knowledge?

Buy climbing mat is for children to buy, when buying, we should pay attention to some of the following is from the health point of view of children, climbing mat manufacturers to share with you to buy climbing mat mainly know what knowledge, in order to buy more beneficial to their own climbing mat, let’s learn it together:

Set out from the healthy Angle of the baby, the material of cushion and simple sense cannot ignore. Careful buyers will notice that some MATS have one or two layers stuck together, and the middle of the two layers is gummed together, giving off a noxious, irritating odor. XPE does this very well, with no odor at all. No matter what kind of material must choose to have SGS authoritative attestation. In terms of thickness, attention should also be paid to ensure the safety of the baby when playing. In general, the thickness is 5m-10mm, 10mm is the best choice, and the thickened ones above 10mm will generally have adhesive bonding, which should be paid special attention to. Of course the waterproof function of climbing mat also is not allow to ignore, waterproof can give attention to two or more things commonly moistureproof, this also is affecting the wholesome condition of climbing mat and the healthy condition of the baby directly. If you often go to the park on the weekend, portability is also very important, the baby can play on the mat, whether it is on the SLATE or grass, safe and moistureproof. Of corner corner cannot pass, buy children to climb when mat, should pay attention to the bag edge that chooses firm wear-resisting. Such increased the service life of climbing mat, in addition, the design with bright-coloured dazzle also can better attract the interest of darling. It stimulates the baby’s desire to crawl.

Choose the child that suits to climb mat to want to notice a few key points only, agape, odour, attestation, ply, waterproof moistureproof, design. Climbing mat is the assistant that the child crawles, because this does not suggest a parent buys inferior product for covet cheapness, lest affect child health.


Post time: Sep-01-2020

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