Can crawling mat and yoga mat be interchangeable

A lot of families are had crawling mat and yoga mat, crawling mat is baby practice crawling, yoga mat is mother plasticity, reduce weight, some people will crawl mat and yoga mat mix, is this correct?

Can crawling mat and yoga mat be interchangeable? Crawling mat and yoga mat still have distinction, cannot be general purpose. The yoga mat is not big enough to be used as a crawling mat, and there are certain safety risks. Yoga mat products are not guaranteed to meet the children’s product standards for phthalate limit requirements, are not suitable for use as children’s crawling mat, there is a risk of children licking, biting.

The baby crawling mat has a larger area and the yoga mat is just a small piece that can only be used by one person. The material that darling crawls a mat to use is qualitative affirmation is superior to yoga mat, because it is baby kind articles for use, have special standard. The ply of yoga mat is more unified, do not have too big distinction, and the ply of darling crawling mat and width can undertake choosing according to oneself need, want a bit thicker than yoga mat.

It is recommended to buy a special crawling mat for your baby. Xpe MATS should be more environmentally friendly. Chenxi crawling pad is the whole crawling pad, foam high elastic material, soft material, outstanding cushioning performance, can better protect the baby’s body effectively, double-sided pattern design, cute funny card pattern, the baby more like.

Post time: Sep-28-2020

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