Children’s crawling mat to buy more thick good

How thick is the child crawling mat bought? Buy a child’s crawling mat, can cultivate the child’s fun, not only help the child’s balance development, but also can develop the child’s beneficial intelligence. Now a lot of crawling mat above not only have vivid animal pattern, still have the design of letter, number, game maze, etc., can let you and your child study together, game, while exercising the child’s brain power, also enhanced the parent-child relationship between each other. Do you know how thick a child’s crawling mat is?




When buying a child’s pad, what do mothers care about when buying a child’s pad? How much is it? How big is the mat? How thick? Does the mat smell?




The dimension of children crawling mat on the market and ply are different, everybody wants when choose and buy, the size of crawling mat should decide according to the size of own floor. And the ply of crawling mat generally speaking the family of heat of the earth’s surface can choose 0.5 centimeters or so, average family can choose 1 centimeters, 1.2 centimeters thick, summer chooses a bit meager point (do not want too thin, uncomfortable, flexibility is not good also, the child still is easy knock against), the winter is a little bit thicker, rise to keep warm effect.




Children’s crawling mat is made of XPE material, non-toxic, no pungent smell, 1.8×2 meters large size, 1cm thick, one second open and close, folding, easy to receive, there are many beautiful patterns on the crawling mat, you can choose according to the child’s preferences. Also can choose to contain letter, number, animal, fruit design, still be convenient to teach darling to learn cognition so, kill two birds with one stone.




How thick is the child crawling mat bought? Or according to the use of the environment to decide, if the parents buy children’s crawling pad is mainly used in the outdoor, the thickness of the crawling pad can be a little thicker, so you can according to your needs to buy the appropriate thickness of the children’s crawling pad.

Post time: Dec-10-2020

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