How to buy a yoga mat?

To know how to buy a yoga mat, first know the material of the yoga mat:



NBR is the abbreviation of nitrile rubber, is an industrial synthetic rubber material, also belongs to a kind of rubber, nitrile rubber is mainly produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization, excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong adhesion. Its disadvantages are poor low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance, low elasticity. (The above information comes from Baidu) As a yoga mat, elasticity is very necessary. Since NBR has poor elasticity, why can it be used as a yoga mat? A great human invented a technology, called “foaming”, is to add foaming agent in NBR raw material, under the condition of high temperature, make it decomposed and gasified, like blowing a balloon, NBR material to produce loose and porous bubbles, and finally cool down, finalize the design into a spongy mat. But after foamy, cushion can become very light, affect qualitative feeling, how to do? The great man has invented a technique called “filling”, which adds a filler to the NBR material before it foams, adding weight and improving texture. Both technologies are great inventions, but unfortunately mastered by today’s unscrupulous businesses, NBR mat odor mainly comes from the decomposition of foaming agent residue, may contain harmful gases such as ammonia and nitrogen dioxide. Now, NBR yoga mat filler is calcium oxide, which is often called quicklime. The proportion is not well controlled, which may cause a burning sensation or allergy in the skin. Some treasure search yoga mat, full screen low price product 10 20 have, I can only say, one cent price one cent goods, with what foaming agent, raw material and filling material proportion how to control, all by the businessman conscience.


However, this is not to say that NBR is the worst material, normal products after ventilation and deodorization, control of the proportion, the mat can basically achieve no odor, no allergy requirements


NBR cushion features: low price (20-100 or less), good resilience, large thickness (more than 10mm), poor durability


NBR mat applicable scope: fitness, KEEP, yoga introduction


NO.2 PVC (at present, the yoga mat made of this material has been eliminated from the market, because of its poor elasticity, which has been used for a long time.)


PVC is the abbreviation of POLYvinyl chloride, at present the most widely used plastic, daily sewer pipes, cups, etc., have PVC material figure, plastic gives us the feeling is generally good elasticity, but the hardness is very big. A soft, porous material can also be obtained by foaming technology, and filler is also added. After PVC foaming, tear resistance becomes poor, our great human, and invented a technology “laceration resistant net”, at the beginning of the PVC foaming, made from high strength fiber mesh, in raw materials, through the foam, laceration resistant net full package, so that after the cushion foam, because laceration resistant net intervention, tearing effect will be increased. PVC cushion rebound effect is very poor, often press down a pit, to four or five seconds to recover, things are often two-sided. Our great humans have invented a phrase called “memory slow rebound,” which is ergonomically designed to keep track of the position of the hands and feet and improve movement accuracy. You consumers are so naive


PVC mat features: low price (20-100), thickness of 6mm or 8mm, used for a long time to remove slag


Scope of PVC mat: Introduction to Yoga




TPE is short for thermoplastic elastomer, the advantages of both plastic and rubber, widely used in sports equipment, sealing material, toys into people, prevent slippery effect and rebound effect is very good, the mat production generally low foaming degree, filler with less, so the taste and better safety, TPE mat also has a laceration resistant and non laceration resistant net two kinds, but the production process is different from PVC, TPE is respectively with two layer with a tall strong fiber together, so the mat the odor source of most is to use glue, personally, the strength of the TPE mat is high enough, without additional laceration resistant net, Enough for one molding.


TPE mat features: good rebound, medium price (50-150), good anti-skid effect, strong durability


Scope of APPLICATION of TPE mat: Professional yoga practice (most yoga studios in China are TPE)


NO. 4 rubber


Rubber material will not do too much redundant, we understand relatively more, rubber pad anti-skid and durable are very good, the disadvantage is that the taste is very heavy, and not easy to remove, hands and feet sweating after the anti-skid effect is reduced, the advantage has flavor but non-toxic


Rubber pad features: good rebound, anti-skid wear, expensive (200-600), non-absorbent


Rubber pad applicable scope: except hot yoga


No.5 PU rubber pad


PU is short for carbamic acid polyester, is a new kind of organic polymer materials, applications are: artificial leather, the famous sharkskin swimsuit, sofa, car direction of this film, etc., is characterized by absorbing water permeability, close skin, dry wet two kinds of circumstances prevent slippery, polyurethane (PU) film, PU rubber pad surface and rubber base heat laminating, make be prevented slippery, close skin, absorbent pads, tactility is wonderful, and several kinds of material in the evaluation of the highest cushion, defect is afraid of oil, difficult to do, absorb dust, have rubber taste, more important is Fried chicken.


PU pad features: dry and wet non-slip, expensive (more than 1000 yuan), difficult to manage


PU mat applicable scope: professional yoga


– I don’t know, because you don’t know what you really need!


The international standard yoga mat size is: 183cm*61cm*6mm, which is enough length but not enough width for most people in Asia, so there are various broadened versions of 183cm*80cm. However, it should be noted that if you go to the yoga studio to study, the normal yoga studio is not allowed to bring a wide mat, affecting the unity of the yoga studio. Of course, if the teacher’s permission, it doesn’t matter, use at home, beginners choose the wider will be more convenient.


Yoga exquisite control of her body, a high-end yoga master, actually is not yoga mat, the more advanced yoga practitioners, with the thinner mat, national standard yoga mat size is 6 mm, impact resistant and the protection of joints enough, too thick MATS, such as 10 mm or thicker, can affect the body balance, causing distortion, even fall down injured, recommend beginners to choose 8 mm thickness, after the introduction to choose 6 mm thickness of the national standard.


Many of anti-skid, yoga movements need to balance the position, it is non-slip effect of yoga MATS, requires a high degree of PVC and NBR material of cushion, generally due to prevent slippery effect is not enough, only advice for beginners to use, professional practice, Suggestions to choose TPE material or rubber, with the improvement of pose accuracy and strength, practicing yoga will be a lot of sweat, influence non-slip effect, need to choose PU rubber mat at this moment.


From the aspect of smell, due to the problem of NBR and PVC foaming, there is usually a residual smell of foaming agent. After being wiped with clean water, the smell can be dispersed after being placed in the ventilated place for about 2 days, but there is still a slight taste, which will not affect the use. If you still smell after two or three days or even a week or two, throw it away. Similarly, TPE will also have flavor problems. Choosing a single layer without tear net can effectively reduce, but it cannot be completely avoided. Rubber pads have a strong, persistent taste, similar to tires, and can be relieved of air after wiping. PU rubber pad also has rubber smell, which cannot be avoided. It is recommended to choose single-layer TPE material if it is especially sensitive to taste.

Post time: Sep-15-2020

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