How to choose and buy climbing mat

Climbing mat, as the name implies, is the cushion that the baby uses when crawling. Of course, baby crawlers also have many nicknames, such as; Children’s mat, baby climbing mat, baby playing mat, baby activity mat and so on, in fact, refers to the baby climbing mat. In today’s society, most parents love their children and want them to have the best of everything. And the climbing mat that we use is the skin that contacts with the child directly, when choosing and buying, qualitative respect should be careful all the more. So, how to give the child choose and buy climb mat? Let’s take a look.

A, when the choose and buy climbs up mat, material safety is the first, because the baby often moves on crawling mat, the skin is more delicate, must assure its safety so. No matter how high the price climbs to climb mat, we must choose avirulent, tasteless, so we can be put in ventilated place to use for a period of time after buying, can be at ease bold to give darling use.


Two, in the purchase we can use the hand to press a few climbing mat, if the quality of a little bit better climbing mat, with the hand to press a few will soon recover, and the poor quality of the word press down to go through a period of time to be able to recover or simply can not restore to the previous look.


Three, when the choose and buy, can use white paper towel to undertake friction on climbing mat, observe whether to have fade phenomenon. When choosing a mat, choose one that doesn’t fade. If the color fades, the baby will easily eat the paint into his stomach.


Four, climbing mat carefully with the puzzle mat, as far as possible with the whole piece of crawling mat. Some parents choose a jigsaw mat for their children. Although the jigsaw mat can change its shape according to the space, once the child urinates on it, other MATS will also suffer. If the urine is not erased in time, urine will penetrate into the floor through the mat, making it very troublesome to clean. If you choose the whole mat, there will be no such disadvantages.


Post time: Dec-30-2020

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