How to judge the anti-skid performance of a yoga mat

A good yoga mat has a very complex raised pattern on the surface to help prevent slip. If you can try it, do the downward dog pose, the most common pose in yoga. If you can hold the breath for four or five times without sliding your hands or feet forward or backward, the mat is very anti-skid. Let’s use downward-facing dog style to evaluate different materials of the yoga mat processing yoga mat:


NBR: Downward dog holds 2-3 breaths. Due to the thickness of more than 10mm, easy to stamp.


PVC: Downward dog can hold 2-3 breaths. The anti-skid effect is better when dry, and the anti-skid effect decreases when there is sweat


TPE: Downward dog can hold for 4-5 breaths. Non-slip sex can satisfy general yoga to use completely


Flax: downward dog can hold more than 5 breaths. Excellent skid resistance, no problem with downward-facing dog.


Rubber: Downward dog holds 4-5 breaths. Non-slip sex can satisfy general yoga to use completely


Subtle slip gap completely different user experience:


The different anti-skid effect of yoga mat is to insist on the difference of a few breaths in the yoga postures. Don’t underestimate the difference of these breaths. This is an important performance to distinguish beginners and experienced yoga mat, yoga mat processing due to the non-slip relationship between the ranks of beginners. Indeed, only a high-quality yoga mat can give you the yoga performance you want!


Post time: Jul-21-2020

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