s crawling mat a good one – sided or a good two – sided?

At present, the crawling mat have single and double, I believe that many mothers at the time of purchase the crawling mat will surely ask crawling mat is single side or double side good this problem, so the morning city today to write this article, introduce the advantages and disadvantages of crawling mat single-sided and double-sided, hope mothers can choose one crawling mat or double up pad to play a reference role.

Advantages and disadvantages of single-sided crawling mat:

The single-sided mat has a pattern on one side and an anti-skid surface on the other side. Compared with the two-sided mat, there is less pattern on one side, but the anti-skid effect of the mat is better, because the mat may move when the baby is playing on the mat, so the anti-skid effect of the mat must be better.” Accordingly, compare with two-sided crawling mat, the advantage of one-sided crawling mat is to have better skid resistance performance, but its design is relatively onefold, the development of infantile potential can be poorer.

Advantages and disadvantages of two-sided crawling mat:

Compared with the ordinary crawling mat, the pattern of two-sided crawling mat is more than one side, but because two-sided baby can crawl, so the rough design of crawling surface needs to be very exquisite, and the popularization degree of baby crawling surface is certainly less than that of non-slip surface. If the crawling surface is rougher than the baby’s skin contact, the baby will feel very uncomfortable, but if the design is not rough, then the anti-skid effect is not so ideal, so the double-sided crawling pad has the advantage of pattern pair compared with the single-sided crawling pad, the disadvantage is that the anti-skid effect is slightly worse. But design also is very important, because the baby just born, is in the midst of the cognitive ability to the world’s strongest phase, so the stronger learning ability, for example, some crawling mat is a variety of patterns, tend to have ABC in the design of such letters, because the baby from a young age to be exposed to some English words, then these English words unconsciously consist in the baby’s head. This will be of great help to my English study in the future.


Of course, the better this mode is, but double-sided anti-skid pads may be worse. But this is not to say that the MATS are easy to move, so Chenxi advises mothers to choose two different patterns of single-sided MATS.


Post time: Aug-19-2020

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