The climbing mat knew it

Good climbing mat quality, colorful, should meet the international toy safety standards. Different from the traditional EVA pad, the most high-quality climbing pad adopts the inside printing technology. The ink is located in the film, which is truly environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about the baby’s contact. Suitable for all kinds of washing products, it is easy to clean and won’t fade. The unique concave and convex pit design on the surface not only makes it safe and non-slippery, but also greatly enriches the baby’s tactile experience.

Second, the function of

1. It has the function of intelligence, which is beneficial to the physical and mental development of babies. Most of them have rich patterns and early education information. Part of the climbing mat also has the function of playing and teaching the baby.

2. Security protection.

The thickness of the high quality climbing mat is convenient for the baby to move and can protect him from injury when he falls.

Three, choose to buy

The most important thing to choose is to trust the brand and view the safety inspection report of the product. The quality of mat on market climbs up and down are interweedy, when mom buys this kind of product, must look at safety attestation, the thing that does not have safety to assure, must not give darling to use!

Check to see if there is a professional design team and if the pattern has been demonstrated repeatedly. Not all color patterns are helpful to the growth of the baby, unreasonable design and color collocation will affect the baby’s vision. The baby’s eyesight is delicate, mothers must choose a children with professional design team, so that it is more conducive to the healthy growth of children!

A good mat must be perfect in every detail! Take a close look at every part of the mat. A mat that has split seams or bubbles is not a good product.

Iv. Matters needing attention

Don’t let the baby bite with his teeth

Keep out of reach of sharp objects

Please note that marks cannot be erased from oily or colored pencil writing.

Products away from the source of heat

Five, the tube

The folding marks will disappear spontaneously after 1~2 weeks.

When the surface is contaminated with dirt, wipe it with soap and water with a towel or a soft bristle brush.

Please note that the surface of the product will be damaged if you wipe it with a rough brush or medicine.

Suitable for baby crawling, bedding, outdoor travel, etc.


Post time: Oct-19-2020

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