Yoga mat selection and maintenance methods

Yoga mat can reduce the body due to contact with the ground and the pain, prevent all kinds of injuries, but also can effectively block the cold ground, play the role of anti-skid, yoga is one of the spare parts. The following points should be paid attention to when choosing and maintaining yoga mat:

1, the uniformity of the yoga mat should be appropriate: spread the yoga mat flat, if the foam is not uniform, it is easy to damage in the process of use, if the foam protruding part is damaged, it can not be repaired.

2, size, thickness, light important appropriate: the length should not be short and height, width should not be narrow than the shoulder width, thickness is appropriate in about 5 mm, too thick yoga mat will affect the stability of standing, try not to choose too heavy mat, in order to carry.

3. Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat: if you squeeze the yoga mat with your hands, it is easy to squeeze your fingers together, which proves that the yoga mat is too soft. No matter how thick the yoga mat is, it will hurt the joints when they touch the ground. If yoga is too hard, it will not only make the skin unacceptable, but also easy to break.

4. Non-slip of the mat: spread the yoga mat flat, press the yoga mat hard with the palm, and then push forward. If the yoga mat slides on the ground or the hand slides on the mat, it shows that the non-slip of the yoga mat is not very good.

5, maintenance method: after buying back the yoga mat to pay attention to maintenance, do not put in the sun, after each use to wipe with a damp cloth, and then in the shade of natural air dry.

Post time: Jun-03-2020

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